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Mobile Containment & Infection Control

Say no to infection!

Current recirculation methods are not viable for highly contagious or deadly pathogens, which can endanger staff and patients.The prevention and control of Health Care Associated Infections.
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Nursing shoes for the Medical Professionals

Preferred nursing shoe around the world!

Professionals in the healthcare industry spend long hours on their feet,  Doctors & Nurses are on their feet all day (or night) long and these designed Special Professional Slip-On Shoe especially for them. We’ve nursing shoes to help keep you comfortable throughout your entire shift! Our shoes for Doctors & nurses come with a variety of very beneficial features that are sure to keep you working at you very best.
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Mobile Hospital -PICS

Mobile Hospital -PICS

Portable Isolation Containment System

Total turn-key facilities create a field medical hospital anywhere quickly and easily with multi-patient isolation rooms connected through a series of ante-room passageways.PICS offer full turnkey surge capacity solution for health authorities. PICS is a low-cost, mobile and transportable alternative to building (or converting) permanent facilities.
The only known system on the market today.
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