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BackJoy  products that help you to improve posture & overall wellness!

BackJoy SitSmart is an innovative sitting device that naturally relieves back pain by optimizing your sitting posture.

Improve Your Posture, Sit Smart with BackJoy

  • Automatically corrects your posture while you sit.
  • Relieve the trains & unnatural pressures from hurting you.
  • Works for-lower back, upper back.
  • Prevents many common back problems.
  • ‘Float’ the spinal system over any sitting surface, hard or soft.
  • BackJoy creates dynamic sitting to engage core muscles.
  • Restored pelvis and spine curves.
  • Great for the car, home, travelling, work & office.
  • Recommended by doctors, nurses and therapists.
  • Endorsed by American Chiropractic Association.
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BackJoy-The Back Orthotic

The Back Orthotic. Finally, a safe and effective solution for back pain from BackJoy Orthotics LLC, USA. Change Your Posture Change Your Life! BackJoy dynamically improve your posture to naturally relieve back pain.

Infection controle

Infection Control-Solutions

A passion for purification, Inspired Americas innovation best air purifiers for health care, medical grade, extremely efficient, Proactive solution for hospitals and care providers to prevent the spread of infectious disease.

medicals professionals

Medical Professionals

Choose Ally Globe professionals program design specially for medicals professionals, It is unique program that offer special discounts for your patients, we treat and feel them different, refer them they become our special customer.

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“Fantastic product and Fantastic service . I am super impressed with Ally Globe . I got delivery in 4 hours which was wow !!! . Anyone having back problem this is must buy. “  — Rajat Mehta

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